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Major Employers in Bradford, Pennsylvania

Business Name Business Description  
Allegheny Bradford Corporation
1522 South Avenue
P.O. Box 200
Bradford, PA 16701
(814) 362-2590
Tom Bromeley, Owner
Robert Leslie, Owner
Fabricator of custom sanitary stainless steel products  
Allegheny Store Fixtures, Inc.
57 Holley Avenue
Bradford, PA 16701
(814) 362-6805 Phone
(814) 362-6806 Fax
Steven DiFazio, President & Owner
Custom store fixtures and retail interiors using wood, metal, acrylic, glass

American Refining Group, Inc.
77 N. Kendall Avenue
Bradford, PA 16701
(814) 368-1200
Jeannine Schoenecker
President & COO
Refiner of petroleum products  
Beacon Light Behavioral Health Systems
800 East Main Street
Bradford, PA 16701
(814) 362-5250
Richard B. Seager, CEO
Residential Treatment Centers for Children  
Bradford Forest Inc.
444 High Street
Bradford, PA 16701
(814) 368-3701
Mark Conolly, CEO
Manufacturer of quality hardwoods  
Bradford Regional Medical Center
Interstate Parkway
Bradford, PA 16701
(814) 368-4143
Timothy J. Finan
President & CEO
Medical Facility  
Bradford Area School District
150 Lorana Avenue
Bradford, PA 16701
(814) 362-3841
Katy Pude,
Dresser Manufacturing, Inc.
41 Fisher Avenue
Bradford, PA 16701
(814) 362-9200
Pipe fittings, valves & couplings  
Federal Correctional Institute - McKean
Route 59
Lewis Run, PA 16738
(814) 362-8900
Bobby Meeks, Warden
Criminal corrections facility  
Georgia Pacific Packaging
One Owens Way
Bradford, PA 16701
(814) 368-8700
Roger Williams, Plant Manager
Corrugated Cardboard Products  
Graham Packaging
105 Bolivar Drive
Bradford, PA 16701
(814) 362-3861
Dustin Craig, Plant Manager
Plastic food and beverage containers  
Keystone Powdered Metal Company
8 Hanley Drive
Lewis Run, PA 16738
(814) 368-5320
Curt Lindell, Plant Manager
Powdered metal parts  
KOA Speer Electronics
Bolivar Drive, Box 547
Bradford, PA 16701
(814) 362-5536
Lance Eastman, CEO
Distributor of electronic components  
Luminite Products, Inc.
148 Commerce Drive
Bradford, PA 16701
(814) 817-1420
Richard Songer,
Luminite Products Corporation is an experienced Laser Engraver for the Flexographic printing industry  
McCourt Label Company
20 Egbert Lane
Lewis Run, PA 16738
(814) 362-3851
(800) 458-2390 Toll Free
David G. Ferguson, President
McCourt Label has 115 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing custom labeling solutions. Their quality and attention to detail are at the highest levels to be found in the industry.  
Microtech Knives, Inc.
300-400 Chestnut Street
Bradford, PA 16701
(814) 363-9260
Anthony Marfione, President
Manufacturer of weapons, firearms, and cutlery for military, law enforcement and emergency personnel.  
University of Pittsburgh Bradford
300 Campus Drive
Bradford, PA 16701
(814) 362-7550
Dr. Livingston Alexander, President
Higher Education  
50 Foster Brook Boulevard
Bradford, PA 16701
(814) 368-4600
Sharon Yost, Manager
Werzalit of America, Inc.
40 Holley Avenue
Bradford, PA 16701
(814) 362-3881
Anthony Manning, President
Wood product manufacturer  
W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery, Co., Inc.
Owens Way
Bradford, PA 16701
(814) 368-4123
Zippo Manufacturing Company
33 Barbour Street
Bradford, PA 16701
(814) 368-2700
Greg Booth, President & CEO
World famous Windproof lighter, tape measurers, pocket knives, money clips, writing instruments, key holders, and its newest product, the Multi-Purpose lighter (MPL).